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Refrigeration Repair

Refrigeration Problems:

  • Not keeping food or liquids cold enough
  • Notice water coming from the bottom or other areas
  • The water and ice components on the door aren’t working
  • Noises coming from your refrigerator

Have you ever gone to the refrigerator to take out milk for breakfast only to notice the milk doesn’t feel as cold as it should? And upon further inspection, have you found the other food in your refrigerator isn’t cold either? This could be a simple mistake of not closing the door tightly before you went to bed. However, it could very well be your sign of a refrigeration repair in your near future.

Don’t panic though, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to buy a brand new refrigerator. Let our technicians at Timm’s Appliance Repair come out and have a look to see where the problem is. Some repairs are simple and take only a few minutes from start to finish; while others might take a bit longer. Whether the refrigeration repair is big or small, we charge a fixed labor rate plus the cost of the parts to make our services affordable.

What you can expect from Timm’s Appliance Repair is reliable, friendly, professional care all the while offering reasonable rates you can afford. Our job is to get your appliances back in working order so you can keep your family happy and healthy. Let us help you with your next refrigeration repair job!