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Freezer Repair

It’s time to grab the meat out of the freezer for dinner and you notice it’s almost completely thawed, along with the rest of your perishable freezer items. What do you do? Call Timm’s Appliance Repair to come out and investigate. Since we understand the time frame of dealing with frozen foods and keeping them from spoiling, we try our best to get out to your home as quickly as possible to determine what freezer repair is necessary.

When you call us, please include all the details of what you notice about your appliance not working properly. While we can’t determine what is wrong over the phone, it gives us a good idea of what to expect when we arrive. Our technicians will arrive prepared to start working on your freezer repair immediately. Once we are able to find the source of the trouble, we will talk with you about your options.

Often times we are able to find replacement parts in the same day, but there might be times where we have to order them. Please keep in mind each situation is different. Once we have the part in hand, your freezer repair shouldn’t take much longer. We do extend our services back out should the same problem occur after we’ve fixed it.

Before throwing in the towel on your freezer, give our technicians a call. We’re in the repair business for a reason; to help improve the quality of appliances for you and your family.

Freezer Issues:

  • Constant noises from your freezer
  • Ice Maker isn’t running like it should
  • There’s a lot of frost and ice built up on the inside of your freezer
  • It’s running non-stop
  • Seal might not be tight enough
  • Food not freezing